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my new craftroom

my new craftroom

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Holiday Time

Holiday Time

Picture Specifics: Country Originals/Country Decor, Amish Furniture and More located at 3565 Lincoln Hwy., Schellsburg, PA.

On a bright and sunny Sunday morning my friend Alverna and I headed off on our first photoshoot together.

We headed to Bedford County, Pennsylvania to do the "famous" covered bridges of Bedford County driving tour.

During our drive we were able to photograph the following covered bridges: Claycomb, Snook’s, Dr. Kniseley, Ryot, Cuppett, Colvin, Turners and Herline. I have not included all the bridges here on my Flickr photostream.

During our drive we also stopped at Gravity Hill, Sleek’s Orchard, Bison Corral, Country Originals, The Old Log Church and the Bedford Diner (for dinner). We spent every minute venturing around the county looking for sites and scenes to photograph.

At the end of the day I think we were both pretty pleased with our adventure and headed home with our memory cards full of photos and our bodies tired from the long day on our feet.

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Tuscan Wine Cabinet / Wine-Rack / Armoire Childress Old World Furniture

Tuscan Wine Cabinet / Wine-Rack / Armoire Childress Old World Furniture

Sales at Childress Old World Furniture for $ 2,562.
Hand painted & distressed Fresco Brown finish – Solid wood & reclaimed timbers & distressed wrought iron gates w/ antique style lock & key. Hand-crafted in Peru. Inside of all drawers/cabinets/doors & back of piece are painted to match as well. Custom finishes available. *Please contact store at 713-722-0355 to verify availability, price, and shipping/delivery charges.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price USD 4,333.00

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Ladybug Custom Printed Modern Country Home Decor

Ladybug Custom Printed Modern Country Home Decor

A little bit of Country with a Modern twist, this Ladybug Printed Graphic Textile home decor Shelf Pillow is a perfect addition to any room.

Made of 100% cotton textiles, this Shelf Pillow stands
4 1/2 inches (11.43 cm) square, with a 1 inch (2.54 cm) flat border to stand on.

Very sturdy, each shelf sitter is filled with rice giving it weight and stability so that it isn’t easily knocked over. It can even be used as a door stop or bookend.

Posted by Library Street on 2010-04-10 03:33:50

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Napa Valley Winery

Napa Valley Winery

by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

Museum quality framed prints, canvas prints, and metal prints available at…

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Rose Red – Disappearing 9 Patch

Rose Red - Disappearing 9 Patch

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Bagshaw Museum Batley Yorkshire

Bagshaw Museum Batley Yorkshire

In the picturesque setting of Batley’s Wilton Park, at the top of its wooded
slopes, stands Bagshaw Museum.

The extraordinary Gothic mansion, originally known as Woodlands, was
built in 1875-76 as a family home for local mill owner and businessman
George Sheard and his wife Annie, reputedly costing him £25,000 to build and decorate.The building was designed by
local architect Walter Hanstock in the popular Gothic style of the Victorian
The Sheards lived there until George’s death in 1902, when the house was put up for sale at £3,000.
Attracting no interest, it remained empty for several years. In 1909 the
estate was auctioned and sold to Batley Corporation for £5. Later that
year, local businessman Walter Bagshaw was asked to furnish one room as
a museum. By 1911, when Wilton Park Museum was opened to the public,
there were three completed rooms. By 1924, there were twelve and the
museum had become the main source of recreation for the people of
Batley and Birstall. When Walter Bagshaw died in 1927, the museum was
renamed Bagshaw Museum and Walter’s children, Noel and Violet,
continued his work, travelling widely and donating items to the museum.

Inside, the decor of the ground floor still looks very much as it did in the
nineteenth century.

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